Periklis Koskinas

Periklis Koskinas from the age of 19 he travels non-stop "plowing" the continents in search of new experiences, different cultures in England, France, Scotland, Spain, America, Canada, Venezuela, Athens.
Through the prism of the seasonality and locality of the ingredients, the quality, the rules and the limits set by the Greek cuisine, it shaped its techniques, philosophy and course in the world of cooking.
Subtraction and moderation determine his food.
Tireless traveler and uncompromising cook. Philosophical theoretical knowledge and knowledge of the social sciences are considered essential tools for him in his profession. The images of his wanderings, the memory and the man mark his food and not the recipes. For him, cooking is the art of everyday life, it is what is left on the table, after a Sunday meal. In 2014, he opened the restaurant Cookoovaya, in the Hilton area, as a co-owner with 5 other top chefs. Cokoovaya in its fifth year, is still among the top restaurants in the country and full every day.
I had the pleasure of working with him many times and being part of his projects. His headshots portraits follows.






Jean Marie Hoffman

Portrait photography of Jean Marie Hoffman, chef of the Residence of France in Greece for the French-Greek friendship issue of Kappa Magazine Kathimerini.



Christoforos Peskias

Greek chef Christoforos Peskias portrait for Gastronomos Magazine

food_commercial_Photographer Athens-greece

Food Photography

Seeing food as an art expression gives you the choice, the joy to play with the impression of the food through the eyes. If the pleasure of the eyes comes before the pleasure of the taste, it has an effect on the taste.