Constantinos Markoulakis – Actor

What is a headshot?

A headshot is a modern portrait where the focus is on the person. The term is usually applied for professional profile images on social media, the ‘about us page’ or a corporate website and promotional pictures of actorsmodels, and authors.

Irinas Headshot Athens
Irina – Chairwoman
Mimi Denisi – Actress
Stefania Morosini – Singer

How many looks should I have to choose?

It is good to have more than 2 different looks in your suitcase so we can choose the best 2 that are fits better with your headshoot needs.

Arnaud Larher – Chef
Zeta Makrypoulia – Actress
Niki Tzavela – MEP / European parliament
Giorgos Giannoulis – Athlete

What you get

The season includes one hour of photoshoot. After that you will get all the photos in low resolution so you can select your 3 favourites photos that you would like me to retouch. Finally you get three high resolution edited photos with full rights of use.

What can I do to have the best Headshot I can?

  • Make it fun and enjoy the process.
  • Prepare your outfits, plan hair styling and makeup in advance.
  • Rest well and avoid stress.
  • Keep a reasonable and achievable expectation
  • If you wear sunglasses it will be good to have a pair without lenses.
Cookoovayas – Chefs
Kostas Gennitsaris – Businessman

Can we also take a headshot on location?

Yes, we can do the headshot at your place or outdoors.

Rania Patsiopoulos – CEO SKF Greece

Should we arrange a meeting before the photoshoot

Meeting it is not necessary. We should only arrange a meeting for the day and the time of the photoshoot.

Where your Studio is?