Nikos Stampolidis

Nikos Stampolidis Director-General of the Acropolis Museum. The Acropolis Museum is included in the best museums in the world, while during its twelve-year operation has created new data in the country’s museum landscape. The selection of Prof. Nikos Stampolidis creates new perspectives and offers additional dynamics to a Museum that has attracted important international distinctions and (has gained) the preference of visitors from Greece and abroad. Nikos Stampolidis, an archaeologist with award-winning work, in addition to being a scholar with excellent training, is a man with a modern understanding of both archaeology and the connection between culture and society. It has the knowledge, the mood, and the vision so that the Acropolis Museum can dynamically continue its highly successful work, as well as expand and multiply its activities “.

ClientGrand Bretagne MagazineServicesArt Direction, photographyYear2021

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