Welcome Vogue Hellas

Vogue for me is a creative platform. Welcoming this new beginning of the Greek Edition of Vogue with a favourite photo I shot for this first Issue.
The photo had been taken in "Frater and Shoror in Athens and the article is is written by the food editor Angelos Rentoulas.


Σάκης Ρουβάς φωτογραφιση. Headshot Portrait Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Portrait, Commercial & Headshot photographer Athens Greece

Dimitris Vlaikos is a Greek portrait, commercial & headshot photographer whose work has been awarded from National Geographic and published in magazines like vogue, covers, advertising campaigns and organisations across the Globe.


Dimitris body of work tell stories of people documenting reality and shapes it in environmental portraits. He lives in Athens-Greece, providing his services to advertisers, companies, publishers, celebrities and individuals in Greece and across Europe.


when observing people, one is always amazed by the many different forms they take and the expressions a human being can have – expressing cultures, character, colors and habits. have you ever considered how unique each one of us is as we express our own culture, language, family, country, profession, artistic influences and way of life? we call this encapsulation a “portrait” and it is what i find most fascinating as i endeavor to capture it all in photographs.

Loulis & Koliandri for Vogue Greece
Christopher_king__Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos
maria_nafpliotou_maria_callas_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos


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Istanbul_vlaikos 40
Evzones in Acropolis
Stelios Parliaros_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos