Milan Residents

Everyone of us, traveling as visitor in different cities and places across the world, we are used to searching for sight signs in every city we visit. Milan is not like this… Milan is not the Italian city that will give you big sight sings except from the main square with Milan Cathedral (Duomo).

If I can give a description to Milan, is the city of details. There is so much hidden beauty in the Italian city of Milan… Details In tastes, in services, in people kindness, in fashion, instyle, in deco and design, in ideas and many many more that you have to be very curious and well educated about the city to be able to make your own exploration.

Milan residents are same like their city. There is kindness in them dressed by a unique style. That was what I wanted to have in their portraits photos from my recent trip as a portrait photographer for some days in Milan for the travel tribute of Taxidia Magazine of Kathimerini News. I have to say a big thanks to the travel editor Kiki Vasalou for the great and well-targeted preparation of our trip to Milan. It was a very nice experience for a portrait photographer in a city that I could live in… My favourite Milan residents Portraits follows…