Jean Marie Hoffman

Portrait photography of Jean Marie Hoffman, chef of the Residence of France in Greece for the French-Greek friendship issue of Kappa Magazine Kathimerini.



Agamemnon Tselikas

Portrait photography of Agamemnon Tselikas, the palaeographer who discovered the oldest Greek cooking guide, written before 1821. speaks to Angelos Rentoulas, editor-in-chief of Kathimerini gastronomic publications for Gastronomos Magazine.





Eleytheria Deco for Kappa Magazine

In this portrait photography I was pleased to meet and work with one of my favourite greek artists, the lighting designer Eleytheria Deco. I knew Eletheria's Deco work since 2004 when she awarded with EMI award for the light design of the Olympic Games ceremony "Athens 2004 Olympics".

Since then and due to our common interest, "light" ("phos", greek word for light and first synthetic work for photo-graphy) , I have been watching her works with great interest. She has an open field of design like theaters, festivals, museums, public spaces, events and architectural lighting projects. The special thing with her works is that sometimes it is like she has a signature and gives you a feeling that you can identify her aesthetic.

Her recent work was the light design of Acropolis. The new lighting will highlight nine points of the ancient monument: the Acropolis hill, the walls, the Parthenon, the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, the Theater of Dionysus, the Stoa of Eumenes and the Sanctuary of Dionysus. As the Culture Ministry underlines, for the first time the choragic monument of Thrasyllos, the Asklepieion of Athens, the caves of Apollo and Aglauros, and the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, will all be illuminated.

It was great pleasure of meeting and work with her for this portrait season for her interview in Kappa Magazine of Kathimerini newspaper. Her portraits published on 19-12-2020.



Tim Ananiadis for Kappa Magazine Cover

Tim Ananiadis, the general manager of the hotels Grand Bretagne and King George in Athens, shared his lessons of a brilliant career of four decades on three continents and became the cover story of the new issue of "Kappa" magazine of Kathimerini. Mr Ananiadis Portrait photography took place in Grand Bretagne's ballroom, reception and Winter Garden. The Published photos follows.
Text: George Tsiros
Photo editor: Ioanna Chronopoulou




August for Taxidia Magazine Cover

Epifanios_mount_athos_monachos_agio_oros_chef_Portrait_Photographer_food photography

Monk Epifanios

In a continuation from the previous tribute of taste and recipes of the monastic community of Mount Athos (Agio Oros). This time I have visited monk Epifanios covering for some days his monastic life at Mylopotamos of Mount Athos. The main subject of this tribute was the food photography of his recipes and portraits of his monastic life. I took photos of 40 of his recipes as final dishes in different locations of Mylopotamos area. The book buplished in Greece by Kathimerini publication includes 40 recipes by monk Epifanios and portraits of his daily monastic life. T texts by the food editors Angelos Redoulas & Maria Vasilopoulou.


Σάκης Ρουβάς φωτογραφιση. Headshot Portrait Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Portrait, Commercial & Headshot photographer Athens Greece

Dimitris Vlaikos is a Greek portrait, commercial & headshot photographer whose work has been awarded from National Geographic and published in magazines like vogue, covers, advertising campaigns and organisations across the Globe.


Dimitris body of work tell stories of people documenting reality and shapes it in environmental portraits. He lives in Athens-Greece, providing his services to advertisers, companies, publishers, celebrities and individuals in Greece and across Europe.


when observing people, one is always amazed by the many different forms they take and the expressions a human being can have – expressing cultures, character, colors and habits. have you ever considered how unique each one of us is as we express our own culture, language, family, country, profession, artistic influences and way of life? we call this encapsulation a “portrait” and it is what i find most fascinating as i endeavor to capture it all in photographs.

Loulis & Koliandri for Vogue Greece
Christopher_king__Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos
maria_nafpliotou_maria_callas_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos


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Istanbul_vlaikos 40
Evzones in Acropolis
Stelios Parliaros_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Evzones in Acropolis_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

"Evzones" The Greek Presidential Guard in Acropolis

Almost 150 years in existence, the elite evzones unit, as greece’s presidential guard is known, is much more than just a tourist spectacle sunday morning at the acropolis and the sun is just starting to make an appearance. as much of the city slumbers, a presidential guard unit marches up the sacred rock to raise the flag, a mystical, 20-minute ceremony encompassing the nation’s history, collective memory, traditions and symbols.

Evzones_Greek_Presidential_Guard _Acropolis_Dimitris_vlaikos