Katerina Moutsatsos for Aegina Island Campaign

Summer time is close and we waiting for this more than ever as Greeks! I use to post every year the face of the year that I loved more through my photography. Katerina Moutsatsos is the leading actress of the promotion campaign of our common origin place Aegina Island. The Name of the Campaign is“Discover Aegina”. A big production organized for the campaign photo shoot day. Its easy for everyone with out knowledge to think that its “easy” or that is “just some photos”, its not. Photo shooting for aCampaign its very difficult think. The preparation, organize and coordination the days before, the shooting day and the follow up of publications needs a lot of professional consequence. I had the opportunity to work with really good professionals of Greek Fashion photography such as the Creative Director Dimitris Makaratzis,fashion Editor Ilias MixaloliasMake up artist Yiannis Marketakis, image editor Costas Kokonos and Tasos Kefalas on video.

I will never forget this so special day, not only because this work was for my island. There was a fine team spirit with great energy a passion for our work as a team. We felt also very good for the many publications in Greek magazines and television which helped to show this effort in all over the Country! A production for Municipality of Aegina – Tourist Committee.