Demetrios Potamianos

New York, the city of challenge and opportunities, the city of expression and fashion. The New York City Celebrity hair dresser Demetris Potamianou is a combination of all the above. Many Hollywood celebrities choosing his DS Studio and one of his famous clients is Bush Family. Recently and on the occasion of his coming in his native, Greece and “his island” Aegina, gave an interview to Proto Thema and the journalist Maria Lemonia … The shooting for his interview took place in the port of Aegina just after New Year day cause the time was pressing us.

It is always a great pleasure working with people you know and especially in this particular work that is purely creative. But its not only the result, same creative and enjoyfull all the process should be. In the creative process I have used more the natural light of Aegina on the evening golden hour. Dimitris Potamianos celebrity hair dresser except photogenic, expresses the dream of a successful self-made man who left everything behind to make his dream come true. The portraits and his interview published in People Proto Thema on 01/20/2015