Aristides Patrinos

Dr Aristides Patrinos was the Greek scientist that from the decoding of the human genome, went one step forward, using the DNA of plants and microbes in the cheap and environmentally friendly energy production. Dr. Aristides Patrinos is the Greek who coordinated successfully the biggest scientific project in human history, making many admit (among them Bill Clinton) that without him we would not have reached their reading. Speaking in “K” magazine for turning its scientific progress and new activities in the production of biofuels. A technology which is estimated to revolutionize energy the next few years.

The photoshoot of  the Greek Scientist of Artificial Life, Dr Aristides Patrinos took place in the Association of Ampeteios School of Greeks from Egypt. It was one of these photoshoots that you have 10 minutes with your subject to complete the mission. I used the green light to ad a laboratory color mood in the picture. The interview published in K magazine of Kathimerini News. After my experience and the time with Dr Aristides Patrinos, I have to say that he is not only a great Greek scientist but also a great personality!

A short bio of Dr. Patrinos. He is considered a leading authority on structural biology, genomics, global environmental change, and nuclear medicine. He currently directs research for Urban Sciences and Progress or the CUSP program, and is also a professor of biological, chemical, and mechanical engineering at New York University. He continues to be involved with Synthetic Genome and their projects that involve synthetic biology applications, and also serves on the Board of Directors of Tsakos Energy and Navigation (TNP). To this day he continues his work in Washington D.C. advocating solutions for sustainable global energy and environmental change