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Lost in Istanbul

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Istanbul or “Constantinople” is the combination of civilizations had passed and lived in all the previous centuries. But its not only up to the level of culture. Its a combination as well as geomorphological that spreads from one side to the other of the city. The city expresses this diversity in every corner of every street from Taksim Square and the commercial Insitklal to Galata Bridge and the unique atmosphere of Bosphorus. From the neighbourhoods of Pera and Sisli to the Phanar and the Patriarchate. If you want to go even further with your soul and your body the boat to Chalcedon is there, waiting for you to transfer to the depths of  East … The uniqueness of Istanbul is that all the images in every corner of the city, complemented by a incessant stimulation of all senses. The prayers “Adnan” of the Imam, the smells of the market and the spices … Brings you to another level giving you a multi-dimensional experience.

The ultimate expression of the trip in Istanbul are the markets and the Bazaar! There are so many “images” and so relief, that the Grand Bazaar will make you get lost in it across of the 58 streets. In every exit you choose you have the chance to enjoy one of the city’s sights and observe its architecture … Agia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the “New Mosque” are the three main characteristics that describe architectural Istanbul and delimit Bosphorus. I left for last the unique experience of the Hammam… The discription with a single word is “ritual“ and a combination of all the above in a physical and mental purification procedure…  The trip was for the Christmas tribute of Gastronomos magazine in cooperation with journalist Nena Demetriou.

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Lost in Istanbul for Gastronomos Magazine