Ancient rowed warship. Its creator was the famous shipbuilder Amenoklis the Corinthian. The Triiris had three (3) rows of oars, was made mainly of fir or pine and was a particularly light boat with a speed of up to 10 knots, a speed unprecedented by the standards of the time.

Triiris was the main warship in the Mediterranean until the final destruction of the Athenian naval power in the naval battle of Amorgos (322 BC). The operational feature that gave her the ability to consider the ship itself as a weapon was the piston. It is about the pointed projection, which was on the bow, just below the waterline, lined with copper. With this the triiris rammed the enemy ship, piercing the hull and causing serious damage. In addition, her light hull allowed her to maneuver admirably and facilitated quick towing and launching. The depicted vessel, the Triiris Olympias, is the only accurate replica of the ancient ship and belongs to the Hellenic Navy.

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