In this photo story about Taverna for Gastronomos magazine, I shared my angle of view and my respect to all these people who in daily basis keep alive the living history of the greek culture. In all these little spaces, mostly away from the crowd,
humanity and real contact have the first role. The philoxeny and the devotion of the owners, make these spaces ataxic and creates a space in where different people could connect, share their personalities and create culture.

“We enter the 42 oldest haunts of Athens and the countryside of Attica and talk to the people who for decades have held the reins of famous family shops that have written their own history in Athenian gastronomy.

From “Athinaikon” and “Lelouda” to “Oikonomou” and “Diporto”, the historical Athenian taverns that from being haunts of the popular strata became a favorite culinary destination of all social classes.

We select and collect the famous recipes from the most famous taverns of Athens and the surrounding area and present them in detail, with their secrets and the selected ingredients that established them: the fried meatballs of “Katsogiannos”, the yuvetsi of “Kitsoula”, the kakavia of ” Pezoula”, the rooster with thick macaroni of “Rhamnouda”, the bekri meze of “Vardi”. 40 iconic recipes immortal and timeless over the decades.

We learn the history of the tavern, from ancient Athens to the present day and gather in a glossary the old and new terms associated with the tavern and its culture.

We met people of letters and art in historic taverns and let them explain to us through their own experiences and reflections the meaning and essence of the tavern. Pantelis Voulgaris, “Deipnosophist” Christos Zouraris and Christos Chomenidis discuss and reflect on famous dishes of the Greek tavern and George Pittas gives his valuable advice to young tavern owners, through experience as well as his long-term study of history of the tavern.

How much did the Athenian tavern influence literature and music? Papadiamantis, Polemis, Karyotakis, Tsirkas were inspired by the popular atmosphere of the tavern and transferred it to their works, while theories and existential anxieties unfolded on its tables from the companies of Seferis, Papagiorgis, Papanoutsou. But the tavern also left its indelible mark in the popular song that praised it and captured its atmosphere like no other genre.

The tavern in art: Painters and photographers from Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas and Topazis to Manousakis, Craxton and Zavicianos each captured with their art and their eyes the warmth of the tavern and transferred it entirely to their canvas and film . Along with them is the self-taught popular painter Giorgos Savvakis, who with his blinding colors decorated over 40 taverns in Plaka with his murals, vividly capturing their aesthetics and patrons”.

Warm thanks to the chief editor Angelos Rentoulas and the photo editor Nasia Diamantidis for the chance to capture these lovely people.

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