Sakis Rouvas for GSK

GSK launches a new global public information campaign for Meningococcal Disease type B in Greece. The aim of the campaign is to raise parents’ awareness of meningitis B, a rare but serious complication and potentially fatal disease, so they can consult their pediatrician on how to protect their children. The campaign is entitled “Missing B” and comes to fill the gap in informing parents about the existence of different types of meningitis and especially type B, which is responsible for 90% of cases. Indeed, based on market research findings, 3 in 4 parents are unaware that type B is the most common type of meningitis and vaccination against other types (A, C, W, and Y) does not protect against it. The campaign urges parents to consult their pediatrician on how they can protect their children against meningitis B. The materials of the campaign include scenes from the daily life of children of different ages, who are at higher risk for meningococcal disease, according to epidemiology (infants, toddlers and adolescents).

The main character of the campaign is Sakis Rouvas, an artist who has shown high sensitivity to issues related to children’s health and is also the father, who is expected to contribute with his presence to the dissemination of campaign messages and awareness. of parents.

The campaign will be widely covered by various media, such as television, print and electronic media, as well as social media, to ensure that the message of meningococcal disease prevention reaches as many parents as possible.


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