Re-Generation has evolved to become the main mission of Re-Green while working with nature since 2012.

The big leap of abandoning the hectic city life for Re-Greening our lives and live closer to nature, brought a complete new dawn and a miracle in our existence. Memories of an everyday life, not so long ago, of years of imprisonment in boxes, where most of it was spent without the direct contact with the seasons, the sun, the equinoxes and the solstices, the moon phases and the stars, the vast skies, the forests, the waterfalls, and the big figures of mountains surrounding us, seem today strange and at the same time somehow abnormal. Wow! We are Re-Born. The more time passes by here on the mountains, shedding skin after skin of years spent in the city, the more it feels that Re-Connecting and flowing with nature, answer individual and at the same time world’s important wonders at these times… for humanity’s survival. Truth lies in Nature.

As we grow and expand we understand more and more our responsibility of being the guardians of this stunning natural environment around us, as we were received with such generosity, acceptance and compassion. Re-Green is our home and farm together with an Experiential -Educational Center where people can find information, interaction and time to retreat and re-discover how healing and important it is to care for the Earth.
Re-Green walks in a Permaculture way, eats Real Food, builds Nature friendly Structures, trusts Holistic Healing .
Re-Green is about building Soil, creating Water, planting Forests, Protecting the Wild.
… Continuum of Life

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