“MYRMIDONES” is the imprint of Dimitris Vlaikos’ search on the island of Aegina for the last 20 years.
Focusing on people, the photographer walks a path of observation and understanding of the elements composing the place where he was born and raised.

Light, a key tool in his work, turns into an object of study in terms of its effect on the character, perception, creativity and course of life, both of the island’s inhabitants and of himself. Through his lens he wishes to discover how his experiences have become the memory which influences and shapes his choices, his perspective and the aesthetic approach to his work.
The images in the book present moments from the daily life of the inhabitants, portraits of people interacting with their environment, and all those elements that make up the culture which inspires, challenges and embraces the Myrmidons of yesterday and today.

Album features
Edition: 1st edition
Cover: Hardcover
Number of pages: 178 pages
Number of pictures: 89 pictures
Dimensions: 28cm* 29cm
Language: Greek and English

Photos © Dimitris Vlaikos
Texts © Despina Giannouli
Text editing: Natassa Ntouma
Translation: Doris Brumma
Design: Dimitris Vlaikos
Film scanning: Filmora Lab
Executive editor: Tasos Papacharalambous
Print: Smart Print
Published by: Dimitris Vlaikos Gallery
ISBN 978-618-00-3754-8

Central distribution : “Lixnari Aegina” Bookstore
Orders: +30 22970 26424
(Shipments throughout Greece and abroad)

ClientPersonal ProjectServicesPhotography, book design Year2002-2022

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