Mario Schwab

“Marios Schawb is a creative director and a prominent representative of British fashion, having studied in Austria, Berlin and London, the renowned Greek-Austrian designer founded the brand of the same name in 2005. A year later, Marios Schwab received the British Designer of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards. One of the most important collaborations of his career was the one with the historical American fashion house Halston, which started in 2009 and lasted for two years. Among his most impressive collections was the famous Chiaroscuro collection for the summer of 2012. This season, Schwab is interested in a more sustainable, more responsible approach to fashion and production. Collaboration with Zeus + Dione offers him this opportunity. Their goal is to jointly highlight the value of proper management of valuable materials. Materials that characterize the work of the creator over time”.

ClientGrand Bretagne Hotel ServicesPhotographyYear2021

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