Man of Stone

A photographic tribute to man’s contact with nature from prehistoric years to present in order to survive and then to evolve using his imagination and creativity. The common material for expressing this action was stone and wood. Tools, shelters and other constructions made his life easier and sustainable for thousands of years of existence.
Today, the connection with nature is equally important in order to survive mentally and spiritually and live our daily life in a sustainable way.
Once that comes to our awareness, a man turns his attention to nature, its forms and surfaces. That turn, activates fantasy and visual perception of the world around us. Once fantasy becomes action, the change of life could be able to come through our different decisions, different ways of living.


Photographs are a dialogue between the photographer Dimitris Vlaikos and the sculptor Panayiotis Marinis. Marinis is the last traditional sculptor, who sculptures ancient tools as aesthetic objects. All the materials that he is using for the tools are found in nature around his home. He is using the same techniques and materials as his ancestors did 30.000 years before. A living history connecting the past with the present. Besides the still life photos of the tools, together the photographer and sculptor walked on the hills of their common land, Aegina Island to find and capture the footprints of their ancestors made of stone.

ClientPersonal ProjectServicesphotographyYear2020-2022

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