Kostas Voutsas

Kostas Voutsas was a Greek actor, director, and writer. n 1961 his breakthrough came when the Greek film director Giannis Dalianidis gave him a leading role in his phenomenally successful youth melodrama O Katiforos. He soon became one of the best and most popular comic actors of his generation and created personal groups, starring in many Greek comedies by top playwrights and classics like Aristophanes’ The Wasps (as Philokleon), Molière’s Le bourgeois gentilhomme (title role), etc.
He was always more committed to being a theatrical actor. In an interview with the Athens daily newspaper To Vima, he said: “Playing in movies has helped me a lot, but I was always committed to the theatre and that was my highlight.” His acting technique is being studied at the University of Patras. He received many lifetime achievement awards: Thessaloniki International Film Festival and more.

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