George Marinos

George Marinos is a poet, songwriter and storyteller. He was born and raised in Athens. From a very early age, as a troubadour, he was kneaded in Plaka’s bars. He emigrated in the early 1960s with a suitcase of dreams to travel all over Europe. For a long time he stayed in France and Switzerland, to end up in 1965 in Denmark where he started a family and many books. There he worked as a clown educator, for several years, where he also created the “suitcase theater”. Many of his books have been translated into Danish and Swedish for children, and have been published successfully in these countries. He has also composed many of his songs, which were released in the Greek discography. To date, he has written 36 short and poetic books as well as theater for children, while his poems are contained in the textbooks of the first and second grade of primary schools. Extremely talented, he has become known as a pedagogue, novelist, poet, composer, while at the same time he worked as a clown in many countries, such as: Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Catalonia, etc. In this last capacity he has also appeared in children’s shows on Greek television. In recent years he has been living permanently in Aegina.

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