Ermis Music composer for the cover of Kappa Magazine of Kathimerini

Styling: @iro_tsou
Photo editor: @ioannachronopoulou
Interview: @vlasis_kostouros

“I am self-taught on the piano. My older sister, Eleni, had started classes and so we bought a piano at home. I was excited, I was experimenting on my own and at 13, after endless efforts, I wrote my first melodies. One of the first pieces I wrote was about a theatrical performance of “Glass World” at school. It was a subtle and fragile sound. At the same time I wrote another piece, which my friends encouraged me to send to the Ministry of Tourism, because it reminded them of ouzo and Greek summer. I sent in a random mail that I found the piece and a letter and they immediately replied that they like it very much and they want me to write them one more. I went crazy. It was the first time someone showed acceptance for my music. Eventually these songs played in the Visit Greece campaigns.”