El Sistema Greece

El sistema Greece, The orchestra of life for Kappa Magazine Cover.
«In 1975, conductor Jose Antonio Ampreu created the first youth orchestra to develop at El Sistema. Believing that music is primarily a factor of social development and integration, he tried to remove the poor children of Venezuela from the streets and protect them from the various dangers they faced in the slums, including them in music and more. Thus, he was inspired by the pioneering educational program of El Sistema, striving to offer children more than just learning a musical instrument – cooperation, self-expression, discipline, ambition. All of this, summed up in the famous slogan of El Sistema “Tocar y Luchar”, meaning “to play music and to compete”, remain the goals of the organization, which now has branches around the world. As Panagiotis Tsiridis, pedagogical director of El Sistema Greece, says, “the object of our work is not music, but the child. Our goal is to lead each child to creation, with music as the main tool “. El Sistema Greece has been operating in our country since 2016, offering free lessons of violin, viola, cello, horn, trumpet, flute, clarinet and percussion, lessons in choir, music kinetics and music theory, “to children and young people regardless of origin, language and religion». The photoshoot took place at Maliaras private school. Text by Myrto Katsigera.

ClientKappa MagazineServicesArt Direction, photographyYear2021

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