Cover photo for the new issue of Gastronomos Magazine

In this issue of Gastroonomos magazine, the editors,  seek out the best cool escapes in Athens and put together a survival guide that will make summer in the city fun and enjoyable. Scattered all over Athens, crossed the coastline of Attica, swam at beaches, went on trips to parks and forests, went out for food and drinks in Athenian courtyards and rooftops, cooked the best food and appetizers for summer gatherings at home and envisioned a wonderful summer that is not squeezed into the few days of vacation in August.

– We eat on rooftops with a view, shady pedestrian streets and green courtyards!
Small culinary and aesthetic oases in Athens and its surroundings, to escape from the sea of ​​cement, to enjoy great food, peace and coolness. We have found the best spots in Athens that combine good food and a nice environment, where the pulse of the city beats.
– Where are we going to eat after swim?
32 addresses for taverns with good food on our favorite beaches of Attica. Fresh fish, appetizers, meat, but also fine dining by the sea, for every taste and every wallet.
– Green Breaths! Where will I find some shade in the city?
We take the mountains, parks and groves of Attica, in known and unknown places of urban and peri-urban greenery, inside and outside the Basin, organized and “wild”, for hiking, cycling and picnics with friends and children, for relaxation and relief from the city ​​heat.
– Summer means hot
At Taverna ton Filon in Kolonos, we cook emblematic oils with a fresh look, from stuffed peppers with extra oily sauce, to pasta, legume salads, turlou, minced meat and gigantes, all cooked with generous doses of olive oil. On Sundays, we cook our favorite summer foods and set a table under the shade of the awning or arbor.
– Picnic snacks and beer snacks
In the green oases of the city and its surroundings, we spread checkered tablecloths and bring from home easy and satisfying snacks, from the timeless meatballs, to tarts and dip for our breadsticks, and we invite the company for leisurely hours in oases of peace and soothing coolness. And on nice evenings, friends gather on the balcony or the roof for beer and the necessary accompanying appetizers.
– 18 delicious adventures around Athens
Urban summer fairs and feasts, fresh, prime summer fruit straight from the tree, cheeses from the hands of the cheesemaker, rare heirloom varieties from passionate growers, visitable food farms for young and old, farm stands with fresh-picked vegetables, oysters at producer prices and fish from the boat. Attica in 18 culinary stops in the most unexpected places!
– Summer cinemas: An ode to global Greek originality and all the suggestions in Athens for cinephile nights smelling of jasmine, in summer cinemas that serve from homemade sour cream and handmade cheese pie, to delicious finger food and cool cocktails. And if you have an appetite and taste, we recommend amazing homemade sandwiches to take with you to the cinema, with summer ingredients in imaginative combinations.
– The Athens we love: Cool and easy summer cocktails on the balcony from our favorite Athens bartenders, the places in the city for deliciously iced, good coffee and bars for evening strolls for the drink that will end our Athenian days in a relaxed way.
– And also: Cool refrigerator sweets with creams, chocolates, jellies and ice cream, reminiscent of the motherly treats of our childhood but renewed and with a guilt-free freshness. And, of course, the June Recipe, with suggestions for every day of the month, simple, easy and quick, with the freshest seasonal ingredients.
Gastronomos June is released on Sunday, June 9 with Kathimerini.

Cover girl: Marina Petridou
Director of Culinary Publications: Angelos Rentoulas
Editor-in-Chief: Christina Tzialla
Art Director: Akrivi Kakkava
Photography & Features Producer: Nasia Diamantidis