Feyrouz meaning turquoise and is a Lebanese singer who is among the most widely admired and deeply respected living singers in the Arab world. There is another well known fayrouz in Athens and well known for her tasted and more specifically for herlachmatzoun! The photoshoot location was her shop in the center of Athens and became very popular the last years for the traditional Egyptian taste in Aiolou street!

Feyrouz’s  photoshoot was for her interview for Gastronomos magazine. The main space of her shop was just a 30 square meters room. Before the photoshoot and as I was looking at her, I saw that her face is very special and also the interesting colors of the space and her suite that visualises the ethnic touch of the flavours. The shot I wanted to have a colourful and moody look, same with the mood where her taste comes from… I posed her under the frame of the real Feyrouz, to add the important detail of her brand!

Right after the photoshoot, the taste oflachmatzoun came to complete the experience of east, in the 30 square meter space in thecenter of Athens!