Dimitris Korres is one of the few engineers in the world that manages to construct a super car, the «Korres Project 4», capable to reach the level of limited production. This was the occasion of the photoshoot, to accompanied the interview by Apostolis Fotiadis for K magazine of Kathimerini News.

The phοtoshoot took place outdoor of his workshop in Athens. For this purpose we fired up the 7.000 cc of «Korres Project 4» super car! Then a short demonstration of its capabilities followed. It was really impressive to see a seemingly ” conventional ” car to do things that would not even imagined like standing up almost one meter from the ground, climbing, overcoming obstacles, etc.

One of these photos was chosen by K magazine to accompany the interview of Dimitris Korres that published on January 19, 2013 in Issue 555.


dimitris korres-1