Headshot photography for the sailing world champion Dimitra Milona. She started sports at the age of eight. She received her first important distinction in 1993, where she won (as skipper) the Panhellenic championship (Overall, and women) of type 420 boats. In the same year, she also won 5th place with her crew in the Laser II world championship in Lago di Garda . This was the beginning of an impressive sporting career. From 1993 to 2002, she championed in Panhellenic, Balkan, Mediterranean, Eurolymp, but also in global competitions, such as the “Tropheo Princesa Sofia” in Majorca (overall and women’s gold medal in the 420 boats). Her journey culminated with a bronze (1998) and a gold (1999) medal at the world championships. Since 2001 she has been serving as an officer of the Navy (Naval Cadet School and NCO School (SMYN)) and lives in Aegina with her family.