Ioannis Angelakis

"Greekness" is expressed in my music through the violent use of instruments, the bluntness of the human voices, and the constant strife…


Athens Rollerskating

With a look at parks and sports venues, one will notice that next to the bikes and skateboards there are also skates. "K" magazine met in…


Bureau Veritas Campaign 2021

The project was to show with commercial photography and specially portraits in action, how BUREAU VERITAS proves value of inspection…


Saronic Magazine Cover

As the summer days are passing by and we are welcoming autumn, some of the summer feeling are still fresh and alive to our minds and souls.…


Periklis Koskinas

Through the prism of the seasonality and locality of the ingredients, the quality, the rules and the limits set by the Greek cuisine, it…


George Marinos

George Marinos is a poet, songwriter and storyteller. He was born and raised in Athens. From a very early age, as a troubadour, he was…


El Sistema Greece “The orchestra of life”

The youth orchestra El Sistema Greece has been operating in our country since 2016, offering free lessons of violin, viola, cello, horn,…


Ermis for Kappa Magazine Cover

"My friends encouraged me to send to the Ministry of Tourism, because it reminded them of ouzo and Greek summer. I sent in a random mail…


Leoni Thanasoula

Do you have a great story to tell? Did you or your ancestors live a full life that you want to share? Are you looking for your roots? Leoni…

Jean Marie Hoffman

Portrait photography of Jean Marie Hoffman, chef of the Residence of France in Greece for the French-Greek friendship issue of Kappa…


Agamemnon Tselikas

Portrait photography of Agamemnon Tselikas, the palaeographer who discovered the oldest Greek cooking guide, written before 1821. speaks to…


Dr. Athanasios Dimopoulos

Dr. Athanasios Dimopoulos is the Rector at the University of Athens. Professor of Hematology-Oncology, Director of the Therapeutic Clinic…


“A Smile Behind Each Mask” Panathinaikos FC.

Advertising campaign for Panathinaikos FC. Gives a smile of hope through the hidden smiles and support Covid hospitals. Direction of…

Headshot photography for the coach of Panathinaikos FC Laszlo Boloni

Laszlo Boloni

Headshot photography for the coach of Panathinaikos FC Laszlo Boloni


Panathinaikos FC Christmass 2020 campaign

In this advertising photography campaign for the Panathinaikos FC. the goal was to give the message of hope to the followers. "The…


Eleytheria Deco for Kappa Magazine

In this portrait photography I had the luck to meet and work with one of my favourite greek artists, the light designer Eleytheria Deco. I…

Alix Dunn for her interview on ICAEW magazine. Her portrait photoshoot took place in Athens.

Alix Dunn for ICAEW Magazine

Alix Dunn for ICAEW magazine. Her portrait photoshoot took place in Athens for her interview about Business and Data.


Lefteris Lazarou for Gastronomos Magazine Christmass Cover

In this portrait photography mission for the the Christmass cover story of Gastronomos Magazine I had been travel to Hydra Island and the…

wine maker greece portrait photography

Foivos Papastratis

Portrait advertising Photography For the wine maker Foivos Papastratis and his wine series "F" advertising campaign.


Tim Ananiadis for Kappa Magazine Cover

Tim Ananiadis, the general manager of the hotels Grand Bretagne and King George in Athens for the Cover of Kappa Magazine - Kathimerini



August Taxidia Magazine Cover


Sakis Rouvas for GSK Campaign

Portrait photography of Sakis Rouvas for GSK advertising campaign 2020.


Panos Asimakis

Psychologist headshot studio portrait for Dr Panos Asimakis.


Maria Katsounaki

Journalist Maria Katsounaki portrait

Epifanios_mount_athos_monachos_agio_oros_chef_Portrait_Photographer_food photography

Monk Epifanios

I have visited monk Epifanios covering for some days his monastic life at Mylopotamos of Mount Athos. The main subject of this tribute was…

A travel tribute about Cretan life, food and gastronomy for Gastronomos Magazine.

Cretan Food & Culture

A travel tribute about Cretan life, food and gastronomy culture for Gastronomos Magazine.


Dr Sophia Kaladaridou

Dr Sophia Kaladaridou


Oinoxoos After Quarantine Cover

In this magazine cover I used portrait photography and a dystopic scenery as backround to capture the different forms and emotions of human…


Christoforos Peskias

Greek chef Christoforos Peskias portrait for Gastronomos Magazine


Yogurt Taste

An editorial food photography portrait shot of for Gastronomos Magazine of Kathimerini in Athens Greece


Yiannis Moralis

Throwback on my archive and published works, Greek Painter Yiannis Moralis Portrait was a highlight on my portrait photography career.


Minas Designs Jewellery

Headshot portrait of jewellery designer Minas . The photoshoot was for vogue greece and took place in his home in Athens.



Food Editorial photography about the Center of Athens "Omonoia" square". The oldest and more authentic region in Athens. Editorial for…


Dimitris Piatas

Greek Actor Dimitris Piatas Portrait by Portrait headshot_actor photographer Athens greece Dimitris Vlaikos


Andreas Dodos for Nynas Magazine

In this Issue of Nynas magazine, Mr Andreas Dodos, Chemical Engineer interviewed about ELDON’S. Eldons was established in 1975 and today is…


“Oinoxoos” Magazine’s Editors

Oinoxoos Magazine wine stewards black and white portrait headshots


Aiakeion Campaign 2020

Aiakeion products photography Campaign 2020


Chefs of Grand Bretagne

Grand Bretagne chefs for gastronomos Magazine by_portrait_photographer_athens_greece_advertising_commercial_headshot


Yorgos Nanouris

Greek Actor Yorgos Nanouris black and white portrait by Dimitris Vlaikos headshot & portrait photographer Athens Greece


Crazy Reading

Crazy reading in the concept of the new series of portraits for the commercial uses of Psichogios publications. Some books are able to get…

Vasilis Artikos portrait studio headshot

Vasilis Artikos

Vasilis Artikos portrait photography studio headshot


Constantinos Markoulakis

Greek Actor Constantinos Markoulakis headshot photography in Athens Greece for Kappa Magazine cover


Mimi Denisi

Greek Actor Mimi Denisi lensed for the Cover of kappa Magazine Kathimerini newspaper.


Despoina Giannouli for “Angelos & Lito” Performance

Photoshoot for "Agelos and Lito". Is a tour/performance that tells the story of the house owners guided by the actor and director Despoina…


Dr Manolis Korres

It is always interesting to taking photos of scientists. Through my experience, I have realised that many of them of them are same open and…


Stefania’s Georgakakou Headshot Photoshoot

Stefania's Georgakakou headshot portrait photography season took place in studio with two different looks and lighting conditions.

Stefania Morosini Headshot

Singer and Performer Stefania Morosini headshot photography.


Anthony Howard Portrait Photoshoot in Athens

Anthony Howard for the Socratic Leader Academy project. Client: Confidere group Australia

Vrouvogiannis_liraris_cretan lyra player


Vrouvogiannis liraris cretan lyra player

Irinas Headshot Athens


Irinas Headshot Athens summer 2019


The actors Despoina Giannouli and Vangelis Pitsilos performing and act in a 100 years old taverna in Aegina. Marini’s Taverna opens again…


Electra Metropolis Hotel

The Cocktails crew of Electra Hotels of Athens in action for the photoshoot hosted in the summer issue of Electra Magazine.


Loulis & Koliandri for Vogue Greece

Loulis & Koliandri for Vogue Greece


Psichogios Publications Campaign 2019

Psichogios Publications Campaign 2019


Sotiris Kodizas



Headshot Portrait Photographer Athens FAQ

The season of a headshot includes 2 different looks and one hour of studio shooting. The season includes 3 jpg format images in high…

prince_prigipas_nikolaos_Headshot Portrait Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Prince Nikolaos

Prince Nikolaos for Kappa Magazine

Σάκης Ρουβάς φωτογραφιση. Headshot Portrait Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Portrait, Commercial & Headshot photographer Athens Greece

Dimitris Vlaikos is a Greek portrait, commercial & headshot photographer whose work has been awarded from National Geographic and published…

Stelios Parliaros

stelios parliaros cover

Tacos_of_the_seas_IYC luxury yachts_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Tacos of The Seas Luxury Yacht photography

Lifestyle photos in yacht photography gives the appropriate understanding to the viewer of the interior and exterior spaces of each yacht.

Leonidas Kavakos

Leonidas Kavakos violist headshot portrait

Nikola_Piovani_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Nikola Piovani

Nikola Piovani portrait for Grand Bretagne magazine Greece


Christoforos Peskias

Greek chef Christoforos Peskias headshot portrait by portrait photographer Dimitris Vlaikos

Evzones in Acropolis_Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

“Evzones” The Greek Presidential Guard in Acropolis

Almost 150 years in existence, the elite evzones unit, as greece’s presidential guard is known, is much more than just a tourist spectacle…

george_dalaras Γιώργος Νταλάρας

George Dalaras

george_dalaras Γιώργος Νταλάρας

yacht_photography_athens__Portrait_advertising_headshot_Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Yacht Photography Greece for IYC

This is a one day lifestyle yacht photography in Athens me and my team, we were lucky to enjoy the experience and capture of what life on a…

Headshot Portrait Photographer Athens-greece_vlaikos

Kristin Tolle

Kristin tolle

Μαρω Κοντού

Maro Kodou

Maro Kodou, Μαρω Κοντού

Dr. Konstantinos D. Valavanis

Dr. Konstantinos D. Valavanis

Dr. Valavanis currently serves as the president of ICOI-Hellas, Ambassador and member on the board of directors of the International…

_Dimitris_vlaikos_Portrait_advertising_commercial_Photographer Athens-greece

Sakis Rouvas Photoshoot Backstage Video

Backstage Video from Sakis Rouvas photoshoot for the cover of Kappa Magazine of Kathimerini. Video captured by the talented Thanasis…

Soul Project – Ατομική έκθεση φωτογραφίας Δημήτρη Βλάικου

Ο φωτογράφος Δημήτρης Βλάικος στα 29 του χρόνια και μετά από δεκαετή αναζήτηση στην τέχνη της φωτογραφίας, ο καλλιτέχνης έρχεται να…