With a look at parks and sports venues, one will notice that next to the bikes and skateboards there are also skates. “K” magazine met in OAKA the team of City Skaters of Athens, to learn the secrets behind the new hobby that conquered the open spaces and streets of Greece during the pandemic.In what categories are skates divided? What are the capabilities of each type and how much does a good pair of rollers cost? Is it the sense of freedom it offers to the members of City Skaters of Athens and motivated them to engage in this hobby in their spare time? How did the pandemic become the perfect timing to “slip” on the streets and in the parks? What kind of routes are there for beginners and advanced? What are the reactions of the drivers who meet them on the avenues of Athens? Are there other groups that deal with different types of rollerskating in Greece? And finally, is it an easy hobby for someone who has no experience and is curious to do it? The published roller skaters portraits photographs follows.
Text by Pantelis Tsombanis